We believe in the power of prayer.  Please join us as we pray for the city of Baton Rouge by using the the prayer guide below! You can also scroll down for a link to download it!

1. Release angelic hosts to protect and prepare Baton Rouge for the largest outpouring of God’s Spirit the city has ever seen.

2. Pray for the restoration of prophecies/promises that have been spoken over Baton Rouge, that the wind of the Spirit would blow new life into the valley of dry bones.

3. Pray that God gives us divine direction in decisions such as location, partnerships, and our core team that will help us launch.

4. Pray God gives divine connections with people that are hungry for something more, families that are broken, people that are area influencers, and people that have access to resources and ravens to fund the vision, and pray for laborers to help us with the harvest that is in Baton Rouge.

5. Baton Rouge has one of the highest rates of human/child trafficking in the nation. Release the authority of God to bind and rebuke this foul spirit of perversion, and pray for divine protection through the city by releasing liberty, purity, and righteousness. Also pray that God connects us to organizations/people that are making a difference in this area.

6. Baton Rouge is an incredibly diverse city, made up of a multitude of races and ethnicities. We want to be a church that reflects this diversity. Release angels of truth, revelation, and revival. We are believing for the conversion of entire families, congregations, and potential missionaries to be catapults into other countries to carry His truth, name, and Spirit.

7. Pray against every spirit of division and distraction, and release a spirit of unity amongst our team and all the churches in the city. We want to see revival in ALL the churches in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

8. Release angels of restoration to awaken prodigals and bring backsliders back into the covering of the blood of the Lamb and the arms of the Church.

9. Release the gifts of the Spirit to be activated in all churches in Baton Rouge. We want to see the signs that scripture says follow those that believe, that they may prove the power of God, and draw the skeptic and the unbeliever.

10. Baton Rouge is riddled with crime and drugs. Release the anointing of God that breaks the yoke of every stronghold in the city, and releases captives from the bondage of sin.